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Few tips to Remember when Cleaning your Carpet


Although you might not think so, but dirt causes wear and tear to your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet more often will help to avoid such problem. 

Test carpet before scrubbing, extracting or spotting. All carpets are different. Some carpets are very sensitive to acid type cleaners and will lose their color quickly. Other carpet dyes are sensitive to harsh alkalis. 

Most of the stains in your carpet can be remove by some type of cleaning easily found in most stores, but keep in mind the longer the stains is kept in the carpet the more difficult it will be to clean it up. 


If you are using a cleaning product, make sure to read the labels and follow instructions on it. 

Avoid digging or brushing the spots because the spot may spread, try to scrape the spot towards the middle. 

Avoid overwhelming your carpet with cleaning chemicals, it could actually burn your carpet or leave some residual, hence creating another spot on it. 

Mold and mildew can be treated with a non-chlorine or lemon juice and salt solution for fabrics with lots of colors.


Hydrogen peroxide also helps to remove stains, but make sure it doesn't harm the fabric. 


If you are not happy with the results and you still need help, please don't hesitate on contacting us we'll be glad to help you.