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Indoor - Outdoor Painting

Fantastic All Care, Inc. provides Indoor-Outdoor Painting Services.

FAC has established and perfected not only the art of commercial and residential cleaning services, but also commercial and residential painting services. We meticulously interview our staff members before hiring, we individually check each of our janitorial services projects to verify complete satisfaction.

Fantastic All Care, Inc offers affordable top quality commercial and residential cleaning service in Ventura County and surrounding areas, including Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Ventura and Oxnard. Janitorial services that will exceed your expectation—that’s the mission of FAC and its team.

If you decided paint yourself, here are a few simple rules to follow: 

  1. Planning. Before you start your painting project, purchase the items you will need to complete this job—maybe you will need two coats of paint, maybe only one. 
  2. Time Preparation. A great paint job takes time.
  3. Know your Paint Product. By knowing the materials you're working with, you will know what type of brushes and supplies re needed. You will also understand what to do if something goes wrong such as spilling paint on the floor.
  4. Cleaning Procedures. Latex paint is a bit easier to clean than oil alkyd paints, make sure all of your tools are properly cleaned after painting. Tools with latex paint may be cleaned with soap and water. Oil paint may be cleaned by using paint thinner. 

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